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Friday, March 23, 2012

A More Intense Vetting?

I just read a headline in the New York Times that dangerously elevated my blood pressure.
"After Palin, Expect a More Intense Vetting Process"
After Palin!?  AFTER *PALIN*!!?  Now to be fair, the rest of the article is talking about the selection of a VP candidate, but HOW in the name of GOD can you say "vetting" and not have Barack Hussein Obama come immediately to mind?  Nothing that we didn't know about Sarah can hold a candle to what we have found out and have yet to find out about the man the American electorate chose for President.  Barack Obama wasn't  just poorly vetted, he wasn't vetted at all!  I think a more intense vetting process is definitely in order... but knowing the mainstream media, unless you're talking about a conservative candidate, I don't "expect" it!

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