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Monday, February 25, 2013

Michelle Obama's Oscar Surprise!

. . . It's not what you think!  Why should we be surprised that Michelle Obama appeared at the Oscars last night?  The long time cozy relationship the Democrats in general, and the Obama's in particular have with Hollywood is well known, if not legendary.

What I found surprising is that her appearance was merely live via a big screen satellite hookup, presumably from the White House.  While it was intrusive and annoying it was sorely lacking in the excessively ostentatious department.

To really offend and irritate the sensibilities of the average hard working American, Michelle should have ordered up an Airforce jet, assembled her entourage of hairdressers, wardrobe people, makeup artists, secret service agents, and those good looking service persons/background props then secretly jetted off to Hollywood . . . at our expense! Come on, Michelle!  You're a Democrat and an Obama for God's sake. You have standards to maintain. Why didn't you give us what you *know* in your heart we deserve . . . the "Royal Flush"!?

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