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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Six Weeks Into 2013 . . . How Many Vacations Have YOU Taken?

If you happen to be the President of The United States, that number would be two.  Let me do some quick math . . . (2 goes into...) . . . That would be one vacation every three weeks!  How DOES he maintain this gruelling pace?  This time he'll be vacationing among the *people*, you know, the common folk in West Palm Beach. (Don't be so judgemental!  After all, the *rich* are  people too and they're very common in West Palm)

Hopefully, time on the golf course in the warm sun will allow him to recover from his exhausting performance at the SOTU.  Sustained prevarication can be really draining, even to the well practiced.

To add insult to injury it has now been reported that while Bronco romps on the links in West Palm Beach, our belle, Michelle, will jetting off to Aspen to ski (in something sleeveless), or something. You see, family vacations are SO passe. . .  pre-2008 even!  These days, since we're picking up the tab, the sky's the limit.

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