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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Rotten Fruit Of Liberalism

Hurricane Sandy churned slowly up America's east coast leaving plenty of destruction along the way.  It was an event well covered by the media with maps and warnings broadcast around the clock for days. Residents living in the projected path were warned to prepare for the worst. Many were urged to evacuate.  Eventually the storm got up close and personal with New Jersey where it decimated most of the Jersey coast.  Hoboken did not escape.  I'm sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands of stories that will be told about what transpired in Hoboken, but one has floated (so to speak) to the top.
Tempers are flaring in Hoboken, N.J., as residents complain officials in the flooded city on the Hudson River have been slow to get out food and water to the stranded.
At the National Guard staging area in front of City Hall, a man screamed at emergency officials. He says he blew up an air mattress to float over to City Hall to see why no supplies were getting out. He says he lives just blocks away and was expecting the city to at least get out food and water.
NOT that the people affected by this storm don't require some assistance, but for the love of GOD, it wasn't like this tempest should have come as a surprise to anyone who wasn't in a coma.  If you lived on the Hudson River, you might have suspected that flooding was in your future.  If evacuating further inland to a hotel or shelter didn't appeal to you, you might  have wanted to visit a Walmart to purchase some bottled water, ready to eat food, batteries, candles, and some thermal underwear.  But NOOO!, not according to this guy! Progressively educated folk know it's better to do absolutely nothing.  If a catastrophe occurs, wait for the government to come to your rescue . . . and, when they don't, make sure you have an air mattress so you can paddle to City Hall and bitch!

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