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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guest Post: On The Ongoing Rush To Legislate "Quick Fixes" For What Ails Us

My friend Doug posted this on Face Book, and I thought it was an observation worth reposting here.
We rushed into a ‘stimulus’ bill that cost over $300,000 for every job it "created of saved" according to the CBO and did nothing to fix the economy.

We rushed into a health-care solution that is causing everyone's health care expenses and premiums to rise.

We rushed into a tax solution that allowed every single American's taxes to rise.

Can we please, PLEASE, just stop for a moment and solve a problem we've created in the last 4 years before jumping into immigration 'reform'? Please, just once, stop running head-long into stirring up everyone into a 'crisis' that must be acted upon 'now before the world collapses!'.
There's not one thing (E.O. or bill) that Mr. Obama has signed that has solved the targeted problem.  In fact, every "comprehensive solution" has only served to make things worse!

ENOUGH, already!  If this President wants to sign something that will really solve a multitude of our nation's problems what he needs to sign is his resignation . . . And a complicit Congress should do likewise.

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