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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where Were The Puppies?

Surrounded by a suitably diverse group of sufficiently charming children, the President today unveiled his plan for more gun laws and regulations to curb gun violence in this country. We MUST pass these laws, Barack said, . . . especially in memory of the slain children of Sandy Hook and for the future of  living children everywhere. After listening to his proposals, and reading his list of executive actions it is doubtful that anything put forth by this President would have prevented Sandy Hook and therefore will be unlikely to prevent other similar tragedies down the road.

Furthermore, looking at the big picture, it appears that there are other children who fall victim to gun violence who are seldom mentioned ... largely ignored.  Are some children more special, more fetching than others?

Children are regularly murdered on the streets of Chicago by thugs with handguns (mostly stolen, and unregistered).  Again, nothing Obama showcased today will save those kids. But it's not about the kids, is it?  It's about control.  The kids used today were just emotionally compelling visual aids, props to sell us a product we don't want or need . . . And where WAS the puppy? There really should have been a puppy!

But seriously, what we absolutely need is a national conversation on the underlying causes of events like Sandy Hook, or the wholesale carnage on the streets of some American cities.  What we don't need is the disarmament of law abiding citizens.  The violence in our schools and on our streets can be solved, but not with a stage full of cherubic children and a President with less than honorable motives.

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