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Monday, January 14, 2013

It's The Color, Stupid!

They're on to us . . . They've been on to us for years.  Newsbusters has the scoop!
Oh those racist Republicans.  Did you know that they're hostile to Colin Powell because he's black? Yup, just ask former Obama car czar Steve Rattner.  The Morning Joe regular today claimed that poor Powell "feels this hostility toward him from the rest of the party in part because he's a minority."
To our indicters:
To be precise, it's not just the Republicans who are hostile to blacks, it's ALL conservatives (except the black ones . . . and black conservative? What the heck is that about anyway?).  But that's only half of it!  There's more! We also dislike journalists, I know you've heard us complain.  You know why?  Yes, some of them are black, but have you noticed the color ink they use when publishing their writings?  . . . Black!  We just don't like black, what can I say?  You want more proof?  Notice the color of the text on this blog post . . . Yes, it's WHITE!

That says it all, doesn't it!?

Go forth and irrationally speculate!

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