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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Many Times Do You Need To Repeat A Lie Before It Becomes The Truth?

. . . Maybe we should ask David Axelrod.  When it comes to tired lies, he's an expert!  And he was at it again this morning on CNN's Starting Point. According to Axelrod, a Romney/Ryan administration would kill Medicare.  Yes, Medicare would go bankrupt, Grandma would die, and Grandpa who suffers from dementia and incontinence would be left to fend for himself.  The fact that PolitiFact made this "Ryan plan will end Medicare and kill old people" talking point its "Lie of The Year" has not discouraged the Democrats.

Some days it all seems so hopeless!  But in a spirit of bipartisanship... <cough>just kidding!...  How about just because reality, facts, and truth ought to matter, I offer you the REAL Ryan plan, in his own words.

Note that Mr. Ryan doesn't hate old people or Medicare.  Progressives can say that he does as many times as they want, but that doesn't make it true.  Here's hoping that Gramps and Granny aren't as stupid as the DNC assumes they are!

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