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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's To Like?

A new Washington Post / ABC poll was released yesterday, revealing nothing new.  It's shaping up to be a close election (if you believe these polls).  Though I have a difficult time comprehending how anyone could be in favor of subjecting the country to four more years of this administration, what perplexes me even more is the "likability" gap. 
Q: Regardless of who you may support, who do you think Seems like the more friendly and likable person - (Obama) or (Romney)?
Registered voters:  61% Obama     27% Romney

. . . Likable? . . . Likable? Really? . . . Friendly? Seriously?  He seems a little angry to me, and before anyone accuses me of being racist for using the word angry in a sentence referring to a black man please know that as a misanthrope I am an equal opportunity critic.  I don't like anybody very much... and I mean ANYBODY!  Anyhow, maybe it's all the free stuff he promises, or perhaps it's his determination to stick it to the rich man that people find endearing.  I just don't see it. Class warfare and victimization aren't the acts of a friendly man.  It's also possible that voters are hesitant to express dislike for America's first black president. Doing so would make you . . . well just ask Chris Matthews what that would make you!  Fortunately there are a few willing to chance it! 

John Sununu is right, Barack Obama is not a nice guy, not really much to *like*!

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