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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shut The Barn Door, Barry!!

September 11, 2012

But may I suggest that next time you close it BEFORE the horses escape! 

So our poorly protected embassies have been trashed, our flag defiled, and our citizens murdered.  Now what?  After apologizing, then kind of unapologizing, you sent fifty marines and two destroyers to Libya, then "unfriended" President Morsi of Egypt.  Too late, and not really adequate, but better than nothing.

For future reference, perhaps you should re-evaluate your policy national self effacement, it's not fostering friendship.  You might also find that actually attending a national security briefing or two would be enlightening  . . . But if your busy campaign and fund raising schedule precludes that, for God's sake, turn on the TV and instead of sports, tune in the news. You'll quickly see that the Muslim rage continues and the Middle East is smoldering.  Please don't let it burst into flames!

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