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Thursday, September 27, 2012

There's No Such Thing As A Free Phone

victim: noun: someone or something sacrificed, preyed upon

synonyms: butt, casualty, clown, dupe, easy make, easy mark, fatality, fool, injured party, innocent, mark, patsy, pawn, prey, pushover, sacrifice, soft touch, stooge, sucker

This woman, a protester (courtesy of SEIU) at a Romney campaign event outside Cleveland, is the proud recipient of a *free* "Obama phone".  She is obviously one of the 47% or subset thereof who Gov. Romney believes will vote for Barack Obama no matter what.  And she is a victim if there ever was one.  A victim of a progressive ideology that is only too happy to offer her another government program with more free stuff in exchange for her undying loyalty . . . and her vote.  Eventually, she becomes ensnared in the classic progressive cycle of dependency and hopelessness, a freeway with no exits.  As the number of these *willing* victims increase, so does the probability of a very unhappy ending. The violence currently taking place in Greece and Spain ought to serve as a warning. We need a Romney intervention, a restoration of America based on Constitutional, conservative principles.  We need it now!

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