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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who Knew!? Joe Biden Is Greek And Paul Ryan Is A Pathological Liar

It's been about two and a half weeks since Mitt Romney announced to an eager crowd in Norfolk and an anxiously waiting team of private investigators and researchers hired by the Democrats that Paul Ryan was his pick for V.P.  Since then, courtesy of the dems,  Ryan and anyone who is even remotely acquainted with him have been the subject of careful scrutiny.  Every past deed or present word that issues forth from Ryan's mouth is analyzed and weighed for accuracy, searching for that one egregious GOTCHA transgression.  Well, they found one! (You *knew* they would)  And they're hot on the trail of a second.  Seems that in a recent interview, Representative Ryan made the audacious claim that he once ran a marathon in under 3 hours. Liar, liar . . . pants on fire!
It's been a tough few days for Paul Ryan's relationship with the truth. Now that the fact-checking of his less-than-honest Republican National Convention speech has been completed, the media has moved on to his claim — made in a radio interview last week — of having run "a two hour and fifty-something" marathon in his youth. As many people who like to run and think about running quickly pointed out, completing a 26-mile run in under three hours is a pretty impressive feat, even for the PX90-loving Ryan. (To pull that off, Ryan would have had to average an under seven-minute mile for the entire race.) Last night, after Runner's World got ahold of the printed results of the event in question (the hilariously named 1990 Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota), which listed Ryan's time as a respectable — but certainly not mind-blowing — four hours and one minute, he backed away from the story.
The N.Y. Magazine goes on to point out that this is a "possible sign of a person who lies congenitally" . . . Possibly?  Why it's as plain as the nose on your face! Now I'm doubting that he's ever done PX90 at all  or that his parents met and fell in love as a direct result of the march over the bridge in Selma . . . OH, WAIT, that was *someone else's* parents!

But if that hasn't persuaded you that Paul Ryan is a pathological liar, this might.  According to the Daily Mail it has been discovered that Ryan's ex-girlfriend spent five months in prison for defrauding her employer.
The former cheerleader was indicted by a grand jury in November 1999, and two years later pleaded guilty to faking receipts and expense claims in order to steal tens of thousands of dollars.
She would apparently transfer the fraudulently obtained funds to a secret bank account in Chicago, where she currently lives.
Following her conviction, Ms Pope was sentenced to five months in federal prison, and was released in May 2002.
So, what did Mr. Ryan know, and when did he know it!?  I haven't figured out what this makes him guilty of, but I'm certain the Democrats will.  At the very least it proves he's a bad judge of character, since he didn't see it coming in the early 90's, or did he?  We all know we will be judged by the company we keep.  Just imagine what the consequences would be for someone who hung around the likes of say ... Tony Rezko, or Bill Ayers!

For further proof of serious character flaws read here.  OH NO, I've done it again . . . Those are *somone else's* lies.

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