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Thursday, December 6, 2012

He Wants To Be Perfectly Clear . . . And So Do I

“I want to send a very clear message to people here: We are not going to play that game next year,” Mr. Obama said in remarks to the Business Roundtable, a trade group. He said Washington needs to “break that habit before it starts,” referring to the way Republicans would like to use the debt limit to negotiate further spending cuts.
 It's not a game at all, but clearly this President seems to be involved in a serious game of chicken, while the Republicans are playing "Let's Make A Totally Unacceptable Deal". To our elected leaders it's all fun and games... until someone loses a job, or a house, or a 401K.  The President is behaving like a spoiled petulant child,  the Republicans are acting like they've forgotten the principles they were elected to defend, and Congressional Democrats appear as though the only principle they have is "hating the rich".

Negotiate!?  None of them knows the meaning of the word, nor do they understand the relationship between spending and debt. Beneficial tax reform and governement downsizing are impossible with this insane clown posse running things. I'm convinced they really do think that money grows on trees! (Ben Bernanke told them so)

A POX on all their houses!

They ALL need to go.  Yesterday!

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  1. i think the benghazi poster is powerful. i had the idea for a black armband stating exactly the same--to be purchased with profits to wounded warrior foundation. I cannot work on this but perhaps someone can take this idea and run with it. also jaime zapata and ? brian terry (arizona border patrol agent) lest they be forgotten similar black armband for fast and furious debacle.